Expand the boundaries of your home with Bradworthy Bi Folds

Bradworthy Bi Folds specialize in replacing your existing sliding door or window  with new external, timber, top hung rolling, bi fold doors,  proven over 20 years of manufacture. We also sell Flat Pack Kits for the DIY or handy man to install. An example of these prices can be found on our Door Pricing Button below.

The best advice we can give you, is come into our show room before you buy from anyone!

Our showroom is located in Moorabbin and  is open weekdays form 9:00am to 5:00pm with Saturday mornings from 9:00am to 1:00pm. You will not be disappointed.  Details are found by clicking the showroom button on our home page,  (located above on hand held devices), where you can obtain a fully itemized, on the spot quotation. Or simply click on the Door Pricing button below to view an example of some of our prices.  We also have a “Get a quote on line” button,  (details are found on the home page),  for bi fold door sizes that are not listed. External timber bi fold windows are also included. Our bi fold door  and window  fly screens  are also a big seller and worth considering , see video below under the  Fly Screen Door Button.

Open and shut our external timber bi fold doors, feel the smooth continuous movement of the high quality door fittings as they glide open, smell the carefully selected beautiful Western Red Cedar.  Appreciate the craftmanship.

Our external timber Bi-Folds are elegant, stylish and functional. They make rooms and whole homes beautiful with a simple classical statement.

If your job involves demolishing part of a wall or increasing the size of your current window to accommodate  a large external timber bi fold door  we have just the right person for the job.  Over the past 20 years of successful bi fold door installations,  Bradworthy bi folds have had the pleasure of working with a truly  first class builder that works with  engineers, designers, architects and land scape experts,  to  bring even the most complex of ideas into a reality that goes far beyond your initial expectations.

Bradworthy Bi Folds external timber doors are only built with first class Western Red Cedar  and to ensure maximum life expectancy we prefer to totaly seal each door system with at least two coats of paint or stain before we install.  We have been incorporating  Centor E2 stainless steel hard ware  in our bi fold door and window systems  for 20 years and during that time we  have never experienced one faulty piece.  Centor fly screens are now also available.

Our external timber Bi Fold system has been designed with weather seals around the internal perimeter so during heavy winds and rain the doors are pushed back harder against the weather seal resulting in no drafts entering your home and consequently no water seepage.

Bradworthy external timber Bi Fold doors are Melbourne’s best bi-folds, proven over 20 years of craftsmanship and manufacture, there is no better value for money on the market today and available at a very competitive low price.

Click on our before and after button below and watch the transformation.  Our bi fold door  fly screens  are also a big seller and worth considering , see video below under the,  Fly Screen Door Button.

No shortcuts, no compromise – each door is a work of art.

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