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Thank you for your interest in Bradworthy Bi Folds.

The information below has been gained through our wide variety of experience over the years of building and installing Bradworthy Bi fold doors.

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General Information

  • Bradworthy Bi folds have been designed for external residential or light commercial applications. They have been especially developed to allow the opening to be effectively weather sealed for exposed environments.
  • It enables up to 7 doors to be folded to the side of an opening and is suitable for housing, apartments, cafes, hotels and shop fronts.
  • A typical Bradworthy Bi fold installation would be Western Red Cedar glazed doors, opening out onto a balcony or patio.
  • Our system has been designed with weather seals around the internal perimeter so during heavy winds and rain the doors are pushed back harder against the weather seal resulting in no drafts entering the dwelling and consequently no water seepage. For this reason our system has been designed to open externally not internally.
  • For room divider applications, this system can be used internally deleting the bottom track.
  • This system requires a supportive structure capable of taking the weight, as all doors are top hung. Depending on widths it is advisable to insure the lintel, jamb studs and subfloor is adequate.
  • We recommend the inside floor be the same level as the external deck or paving etc.
  • Try and sit our sill on the joists then run both internal floor and ex decking up to our sill, however, if external paving is being used and water can hit the doors it is advisable to sit our sill on top of your internal floor and external paving allowing the bottom channel’s weep holes to vent the water safely.

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Panel sizes

Maximum Panel width including a door handle = 820mm
Minimum Panel width 410mm

Maximum Panel width excluding a door handle = 920mm
(a door handle fitted to a door over 820 wide is not recommended)

Weather Penetration

Bradwworthy Bifolds are suitable for use in external building applications. The seals used with this system resist wind, rain and significantly reduce noise transmissions.

Noise omissions

Standard glass used 6.38 Laminated
By using 6.38 Laminated Glass traffic noise is reduced by 24%
and voice noise reduced by 13%
By using 10.38 Laminated Glass traffic noise is reduced by 45%
and voice noise reduced by 29%
Laminated glass reduces UV ray penetration

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Maximum Frame Sizes

Maximum frame height 2.8m
Maximum frame width 5.8m

How easy is it to adjust the doors?

Bradworthy Bi folds use pivots at the jamb which allow adjustment of the system both horizontally and vertically. Intermediate carriers also have vertical adjustment.
You will find adjusting your doors very easy by placing your foot under the door and slightly lifting  while adjusting.
Please view our maintenance page


Bradworthy bi folds uses Western Red Cedar for all doors and frames with Merbau for Bi Fold sills, architectural grade aluminium alloy for the top tracks and polypropylene floor channel, stainless steel for hinges, hinge pins, carrier pins and carrier bogeys.

Sill Dimensions

Merbau   135mm width x 56mm  high
Copper tube at 1 metre intervals drilled through our merbau sill vents the water build up in the bottom track so it is not advised to design external paving eg: Concrete, concrete tiles etc  butting up to our sill at the same level as  this prevents water escaping from our bottom track. Timber decking is fine providing the decking allows the copper tube to vent water build up (doesn’t but up hard to our copper vent)
A concrete tile can be used externally providing our bi fold sill sits on top of the tile to allow the copper tube to operate.

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Stile Dimensions

WRC  135mm width  x 55mm  Weather board construction
or 170mm for Brick Veneer construction

Head Section

WRC 135mm width  x 94mm

Head Fix

Our Bi fold head requires a fixing point  –  93mm out  from your finished
plaster edge.

Standard Door Sizes

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