Fly Screen FAQ

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Where does the fly screen go?

It refracts like a blind, behind the architrave.

How hard is it to pull closed?

Finger tip ease.

Can the fly screen door be retro fitted latter?

No the fly screen retracts into the bi fold doorjamb.

Can the fly screen door stop at any position along the sill?


Is the fly screen child friendly?

Yes, the fly screen can be operable from any height on the stile and if the fly wire is pushed in, it simply springs back into place. It also has built in cushioned impact resistance technology to prevent slamming.

Will the fly wire door remain tight and evenly tensioned over wide spans?

Yes using “Tight Technology” this is now possible.

Will the fly wire door crease or drag?


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What sizes are available?

The single fly screen door can be manufactured up to 2.4m high x 3.0m wide or 3.0m high x 2.4m wide or a double screen 2.4m high x 5.7m wide or 3.0m high x 4.8m wide.

What happens if the wind blows?

The fly screen has been designed to resist a moderate breeze depending on the size of up to 10 knots without the screen coming out of the top and bottom tracks.

Can the fly wire screen be locked?

No it is held closed via a magnetic strip.

What mesh is the door screen?

The mesh is a polyester called “pet screen Lite”. This mesh is the best compromise between vision and resistance from damage.

Can the mesh be replaced if damaged?


Can the screen be used in bush fire areas?


Can the screen be opened from either side?


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