General Information

  • Typical Bi-Folding hardware allows each panel a maximum width 1m, maximum number of panels 8 each way, max height 3m, max panel weight 40kg so your clients may want to go to town and open up quite a distance.
    We can build them, the hardwair certainly allows it but, be careful to ensure the house frame can accommodate the unbraced area. Do not rely on the roof. We know of circumstances where the builder needed to spend a lot more time and effort bracing a roof because of the bi fold area his house plan opened up.
  • Depending on the house, in most circumstances it is not practical to open up more than 4.8m anyway but if the client wants the bi fold look all the way through a room, them we advise placing bi fold look-alikes at both ends where a TV or table my be placed.
  • For room divider applications, this system can be used internally deleting the bottom track.
  • This system requires a supportive structure capable of taking the weight, as all doors are top hung. Depending on widths it is advisable to insure the jamb studs and subfloor is strengthened (under the jamb studs). Try to keep a stump under the stud a bi fold jamb is fixed to. Do not underestimate the weight of the doors when moving and the weight when projected out past the frame. Make sure the supportive structure is capable of supporting the doors.
  • Lay your roof before you install bi folds.
  • Make sure the head trimer we fix to, is fixed securely to the lintel via hoop iron or long screws.
  • Always allow 15-20mm gap at the bi fold head to enable the head section to be raised if any foundation/frame movement occurs during construction. Check to make sure the bi fold head is straight before fixing plaster etc.
  • We recommend the inside floor be the same level as the external deck or paving etc.
  • Try and sit our sill on the joists then run both internal floor and ex decking up to our sill, however, if external paving is being used and water can hit the doors it is advisable to sit our sill on top of your internal floor and external paving allowing the bottom channel’s weep holes to vent the water safely.
  • Always seal the doors with 2 coats before installing.
  • Each Bradworthy Bifod comes with a maintenance guide detailing the correct cleaning procedures to prevent hard ware deterioration, a guide relating to cleaning frequency due to environmental conditions and also a painting or staining schedule, detailing exactly what’s been done and what has to be done and the products used to insure optimum life expectancy.