Ian Symonds & Assoc, Legal Practitioners

My business partner and I completed a 4 unit development last year in which the cedar timber front doors and windows and bi fold doors are a major feature in each of the units.

We considered a number of alternative firms to Jennings Joinery but decided upon engaging Neill firstly because of the outstanding quality of his product and secondly because he appeared to be very honest, conscientious and took a pride in his work.

We have not been disappointed in any aspect of our dealings with Neill and regard him as an outstanding craftsman in his field who makes every endeavour to not only provide an excellent product, but give follow up service and make sure the customer is fully serviced. Trust is an essential element in any relationship and Neill’s honesty and integrity gave my partner and I great comfort.

The Bradworthy Bi-Fold cedar doors are an outstanding product with a great quality appearance and feel. We believe that they have substantially added to the value of the homes we constructed. If anyone wishes to contact me in regards to the above please call me.


Ian Symonds – Ian Symonds & Assoc, Legal Practitioners