Medical Liasion, Dorevitch Pathology

There are so many companies making bi-fold doors in today’s market.

As I am not in the industry I did extensive research to make sure I would end up with a quality product to match the standard of our renovation.

I will save the next purchaser some time, you cannot find a better all round product than Bradworthy Bi-folds.

Bradworthy Bi-folds use the hardware of the higher-end priced bi-folds, the wood used takes into account the Australian conditions and have good expansion/contraction qualities without compromising finish of material used, and innovative/patented ideas on correct sealing of doors, an overall high quality product at a reasonably priced scale.

I spent approximately 1 year before I came up with my final design, in that time I met Neill six times and each time he helped me with design and technical information that aided me in my renovation.

I found Neill to be a person I could trust, and a person that would go out of his way to help, quotes and timelines where always followed up in a professional and timely manner, characteristics which are extremely important when planning projects.

I wish Neill all the best in his future ventures and will personally be using his products all any future projects.

Matthew Burt – Medical Liasion, Dorevitch Pathology