Recommended builders to increase an opening for a Bi Fold Door

We can convert  your current sliding door or window into a bi fold door easily and cost effectively, as we would not be changing the structure of your home.  Bradworthy bi folds specializes in simply taking away your window and replacing it with a bi fold door.
Please find our standard size door prices fully installed,   on the link below

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However,  if you wish to enlarge your window or sliding door opening  and install a bi fold door or perhaps just remove an entire  brick wall or create  an entirely  new external elfresco area in your back yard,  you will need to employ a builder as this involves changing the structure of your home.  He will advise you on the correct procedure for your individual job and the costs involved.

Typically the builder  will remove your windows then  part of the wall plaster above, exposing the house timber frame. Their next job is to  remove the  existing timber lintel  replacing  it with a stronger one. Now it is time for  Bradworthy bi folds to install the bi fold door  frame. As we work on the insatllatin of our doors the builder is working on completing his preparation work  eg: Fixing and stopping up the internal plaster,  fixing the internal architraves then proceeding to  complete any external work. By the end of the day we make sure your home  is completely locked up and protected from the elements.

Over the years of successful bi fold door installations,  Bradworthy bi folds have had the pleasure of working with some truly exceptional builders. These builders work with  designers, architects and land scape experts they know well,  to  bring even the most complex of ideas into a reality that goes far beyond your initial expectations.

Their names and contact details with the areas they work,  can be found below.

Bradworthy Bi Folds recommends and endorses,

Terry   from   McConnell / Marasco Builders
0417 330 105   Area  Brighton, All Areas

George   from   GTKara Builders       
0418 364 663   Area   Donvale

David  from   Renage Constructions
0400 214 428   Area   Bayside

Warren    From    Warren Gray Carpentry and Joinery
0434 432 487   Area   Dandenong  Ranges

It is very important that the preparation work is done correctly as our system requires a supportive structure capable of taking the weight of our doors as well as the weight applied above. If this work is not done correctly the weight  applied to the house frame will sag causing our doors to drop and not open and shut properly. Depending on the overall width you would like to achieve,  it is advisable to insure the jamb studs and sub floor under the jamb stud is strengthened  not only the lintel. Try to keep a stump under the stud a bi fold jamb is fixed to. Do not underestimate the weight of the doors when moving and the weight when projected out past the frame. Make sure the supportive structure is capable of supporting our doors. Bradworthy bi folds can recommend  the  builders above, to ensure a trouble free bi fold preparation,  ensuring a smooth and effortless bi fold door operation for many years to come.