What is an external Bi Fold door?

External bi-folding doors are typically used in residential homes to open up a family room to include the outside decking or paved court area, via a series of opening doors.

In recent years bi-folding doors were always susceptible to weather penetration, contributing to bad home thermal ratings e.g. drafts, rattling, doors not opening and closing properly and faulty hardware.

Bi-folds have come a long way in the past 12 years with the introduction of better weather seals and hardware, resulting in a product that remains stable and works effortlessly.

Our system has been designed with weather seals around the internal perimeter so during heavy winds and rain the doors are pushed back harder against the weather seal resulting in no drafts entering your home and consequently no water seepage. For this reason our system has been designed to open externally not internally.

To ensure the bi-fold remains stable and works effortlessly, Bradworthy Bi-Folds has a detailed plan to ensure each bi-fold door remains working properly over the long term.

To achieve this, key elements include:

  • First class timber to keep any shrinking and contracting to a minimum.
    Western Red Cedar has an exceptionally high dimensional stability rating, which is, unequalled by any other timber used commercially in Australia. All timbers tend to absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere until equilibrium has been reached. As a result, some movement such as swelling, cupping, twisting, distortion and loosening of fastenings can occur. In Western Red Cedar the movement is minimal thereby prolonging the life of the structure and resulting in less surface cracks when painted or stained.
    For more information on Western Red Cedar visit www.wrcea.org
  • Doors that are assembled and hung on site before they have been sealed top and bottom will absorb moisture when it rains causing the doors to expand. After the doors are hung it is very difficult to seal the top and bottom of bi folding doors/windows. With his in mind Bradworthy Bi-Folds prefers to seal each job with 2 coats of either paint or stain before glazing and on-site installation.
  • Onsite installation is tricky to even the most competent handyman with most trades people leaving the job to us. Bradworthy Bi-Folds has perfected the installation process and prefers to install each Bradworthy Bi-fold door we manufacture.
  • By using stainless steel hardware (which has no plastic parts), architectural grade aluminium alloy for tracking and stainless steel for hinge pins, carrier pins and carrier bogeys, Bradworthy Bi-Folds have eliminated any potential premature wearing that existed in the past.
  • To achieve a better thermal rating, reduce external noise levels and reduce the amount of UV rays penetrating your home, Bradworthy Bi-Folds also recommends glazing with 6.38 laminated glass blocking out 24% traffic noise and 13% voice noise.
  • Each Bradworthy Bi-Fold comes with a maintenance guide detailing the correct cleaning procedures to prevent hard ware deterioration, a guide relating to cleaning frequency due to environmental conditions and also a painting or staining schedule, detailing exactly what’s been done and what has to be done and the products used to insure optimum life expectancy.